Look inside to complete your visual inspection.
Visualization • Illumination • Magnification • Documentation

Medical Grade Flexible Borescopes

Clarus Inspection Scopes allow for early visual detection of internal debris and damage while striving to reduce risk of costly device related infections.

Fiberoptic Features

  • Waterproof
  • Chemically sterilizable
  • Adapts to B-Mount endoscope external camera system
  • Adapts to standard OR lightsource and cable
  • Captures photo and video
  • Medical grade
  • Diameter 0.86mm or 1.9mm

Eyepiece View 

View directly through eyepiece as a stand-alone scope for facilities with lower volume processing needs or limited space and resources. 

Monitor View 

Fiberoptic scopes may be connected to a B-Mount type external camera system to view on a monitor and capture images.

Scope Devices

as small as 1mm

Fiberoptic Inspection Scopes (with Eyepiece) Common for Inspecting
1. Clarus Inspection Scope, Mini – OD 0.86 mm, Length 80 cm Very thin channels (ureteroscopes, pediatric bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, suction tips, etc)
2. Clarus Inspection Scope, Short – OD 1.9 mm, Length 35 cm Short cannulated devices (arthroscopic shavers, suction tips,other surgical instruments, etc)
3. Clarus Inspection Scope, Long – OD 1.9 mm, Length 95 cm Common GI Scopes (ERCP Scopes, colonoscopes, robotic instruments, etc) 
Numbered Fiberoptic 2


1 Flexible Device Mount
2 Light Cable, ACMI – ACMI, 1 mm
3 Clarus Inspection LED Light Source
Fiberoptic Inspection Scopes Brochure