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ClearSCOPE Adaptor for Endoscopy Video

Developed by physicians for physicians, ClearSCOPE connects any smartphone - including the iPhone 6 Plus and Android Galaxy Note - to a standard endoscope creating a highly portable and cost effective alternative to the traditional video tower. With ClearSCOPE, medical professionals have easy access to HD quality endoscopy video that is simple to capture, store, and share.

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Endoscopy Video for the Mobile World

No one can argue that access to endoscopy video provides a valuable tool for diagnosing patients, teaching residents, and remotely consulting with other physicians. But traditional equipment is rarely available, not easily accessible, and very expensive. Until now. With ClearSCOPE we have reimagined the video tower.

Innovation by Doctors for Doctors

Medical professionals have embraced the ClearSCOPE Adapter for all their endoscopy video needs and is being used across many medical specialties including:

-Speech Language Pathologies for Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)
-Industrial applications

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Total Portability and Exceptional Value

-Mobile: capture, store, and share endoscopy video anywhere
-Convenient: no need to wait for the video tower
-Affordable: less expensive than traditional solutions
-Continual improvement: upgraded with each new smartphone release
-Flexible: any endoscope, any smartphone
-Ease-of-Use: simple, quick set up

Any Smarthpone, Any Endoscope

  • FDA, Health Canada, EU listed
  • Use with any smartphone including the iPhone 6 Plus and Android Galaxy Note
  • Connects to any standard endoscope
  • Full HD recording of endoscopy video
  • 8x optical magnification
  • Easy to use, sets up in seconds
  • Share HD images via email or SMS
  • Stream to a laptop or TV monitor



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Comes with the ClearSCOPE Companion App.

  • Helps to secure endoscopy video and medical images with password protection and encryption
  • Keeps images private by locking them in a separate camera roll ensuring personal and medical photos and videos never mix
  • Organizes endoscopy videos and photos through keywords and notes
  • Enables the sharing of images through native email and SMS apps for consulting, teaching, research, and telemedicine

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ClearSCOPE Smartphone Adapter

Securing Endoscopic Video on Mobile Devises with ClearSCOPE

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