Look inside to complete your visual inspection.
Visualization • Illumination • Magnification • Documentation

Medical Grade Flexible Borescopes

Clarus Inspection Scopes allow for early visual detection of internal debris and damage while striving to reduce risk of costly device related infections.

Digital Features

  • Capture photos and video for documentation
  • High definition camera
  • Wide range of light settings
  • Waterproof
  • Chemically sterilizable
  • Medical grade
  • Diameter 1.9mm

Scope devices as small as 2mm

Digital Inspection Scope

Flexible Digital Inspection Scope can be used with a PC running MS Windows versions 7 or 10. Includes Camera Cable and Soaking Cap.

Commonly used for inspecting inside internal lumens of endoscopes (colonoscopes, ERCP / duodenoscopes, etc) and surgical instruments (shaver handles, robotic instruments, suction tips, etc).

Numbered set

1. Clarus Digital Inspection Scope

2. Flexible Device Mount

3. Camera Cable

4. Soaking Cap

Model Name Working Length Outer Diameter
CD2-1100 Clarus Inspection Scope, Digital 110 cm 1.9mm

Clarus Medical Viewer Software

Digital Inspection Scope Brochure
Inspection Scopes Family Brochure