Look inside to complete your visual inspection.
Visualization • Illumination • Magnification • Documentation

Medical Grade Flexible Borescopes

Clarus Inspection Scopes allow for early visual detection of internal debris and damage while striving to reduce the risk of costly device-related infections.

Digital Features

– Capture photos and video for documentation

– Multiple Length and Diameter options

– Wide range of light settings

– Waterproof

– Chemically sterilizable

– Medical grade

– Fits inside diameters as small as 1.1mm

Scope devices as small as 2mm

Digital Inspection Scope

Flexible Digital Inspection Scope can be used with a PC running MS Windows versions 7 or 10. Includes Camera Cable and Soaking Cap.

Commonly used for inspecting inside internal lumens of endoscopes (colonoscopes, ERCP / duodenoscopes, etc) and surgical instruments (shaver handles, robotic instruments, suction tips, etc).

Easy To Use

Interchangeable Design

New Inspection Control Module can operate all scope length and diameter options.

– 1.06 mm outer diameter. Smallest digital scope on the market

– 1.83 mm outer diameter

– Lengths up to 220 cm


Flexible Setup

– USB Inspection Control Module operates on a PC or Tablet

– HDMI Inspection Control Module allows for operation without a PC



As a leading inspection borescope designer and manufacturer, we are focused on improved features, durability & performance.



With the ability to capture video and still-frame images, you can document compliance with:

– Scope Quality Assurance

– IFU Cleaning Verification steps

– Inspection of Loaned Devices


Model Name Working Length Outer Diameter
CD-USB Clarus Dual Inspection Control Module – USB output
CD-HDMI Clarus Dual Inspection Control Module – HDMI output
CB2-60 Clarus Inspection Borescope  60 cm 1.83 MM
CB2-110 Clarus Inspection Borescope 110 cm  1.83 MM
CB2-200 Clarus Inspection Borescope 200 cm  1.83 MM
CB1-110 Clarus Inspection Borescope 110 cm 1.06 MM
CD-FM Flexible Mount-Control Module

Clarus Medical Viewer Software

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